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Oh So Natural: Amie Skincare

Oh So Natural: Amie Skincare

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Amie Naturally Kind

Here at ATMO we heart our natural skincare and are big advocates of botanically inspired brands. So, we were excited to discover the Amie skincare range, which prides itself on being free from chemicals and harsh additives. Plant power all the way! Advertised as your skin's 'best friend', the Amie range was started by a mum who wanted to help her daughter find non-toxic solutions for her skin issues.

All of the products are bespoke formulas, using high-quality ingredients which work in harmony with the skin. Vegans too can rest assured that what they're using is ethically sound. An A-Z of all the natural extracts used in the range provides useful descriptions, which being a fan of creating my own natural skincare products, I found very interesting.

The three products we've tried (so far!)...

MORNING DEW Matte-Finish Moisturiser:

This was really refreshing to use on the skin. Being someone who struggles with a combination skin type; which requires effective hydration, but is also prone to shininess, I found this product ticked both boxes. My skin was noticeably quenched of any dryness, without the oily sheen.

DAYBRIGHT GLOW Brightening Sheet Masks:

With hyaluronic acid, liquorice root and lotus extract as ingredients, it can only really be good! And indeed, my skin felt soothed and had a certain dewy quality after use.

MORNING CLEAR Purifying Facial Wash:

The creamy, non-foamy, texture was immediately reassuring and it didn't disappoint either. The skin was left feeling silky and restored as opposed to squeaky-clean, which just means it's dried out.

Amie Naturally Kind

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