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"No, She Did It!": What it is Really Like to Have a Sibling

"No, She Did It!": What it is Really Like to Have a Sibling

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They say that we should always be good to our siblings, for they are the best link to your past and the most likely to stick with you in the future. 

Atmo asked five people to give us an insight into their experiences of growing up with, or without siblings and here is what they said.

"When they're not getting you into trouble or stealing your things, growing up with a sibling is great. They are a kind of best friend. You do everything together, and looking back it was a real treat to have a permanent play date. Through the arguments and wrestling, they help you to learn important skills; to share, empathise and compromise. Even now that we've grown up and left home, that sibling bond takes you back to being a kid when you see each other. You have a friend for life and a whole lot of inside jokes. 

It's worth every bruise and stolen biscuit." - Molly, 24

"The only enemy, you can't live without"

"My sister and I annoy each other. We argue all the time and wind each other up, but we always know that we’re a team. If one of us falls down the other will laugh, then help them up. I’m the big brother, so I look out for her like big brothers should, but she looks after me too. I’ve lost track of the times she’s helped me out, given me advice, or just listened when I had a problem. 

I love her dearly, and siblings’ day is the perfect time to tell her that."- Jacob 26

"Growing up as an only child, as with most experiences in life, has its ups and downs. The main up, of course, being that you are in the limelight 99.9% of the time...the other 0.1% is usually spent on the dog. I was completely doted upon by my father, and to this day there is still nothing he wouldn’t do to make me happy. And I could not have asked for more love and laughter from my awesome mother. However growing up an only child also means that you are alone a lot. A father away on business and a mother with a bad back make for poor playmates for your brand new trampoline and you can only bounce so long by yourself before you’re completely bored.

What you gain in presents, all the love and the constant attention, you do severely lack in comradery, friendship and someone to scream at. I don’t believe that I am any less of a person for not having a sibling, however I believe that I could have learnt a lot from having someone to confide in, share the attention with and knock me down a peg or too when a was being a comeplete wazzack." - Suzie 28

"I'm not Daddy's princess, I'm Daddy's tough, capable little girl"

"I would say the majority of my brotherly instincts are directed towards the only sister I have. Being the youngest of four siblings in a very male-dominated house has rubbed off on her, as she is more than capable of looking after herself. However, I have this irritating inability to not look after her, and make sure she has all the help she needs – it must be biological, because if it was mental I would have undergone therapy a long time ago! I Joke, I love having a sister, and doing whatever I can to be there for her." - Joe 23

"I thought I told you... I wanted a brother!?"

"Well, when I found out I had two brothers I cried. Being a little girl, I had imagined having little sisters to grow up with, and when I found out that they were both boys I just didn’t know what to do with that information... But honestly, having twin brothers that are almost 6 years younger than me has been the best thing that happened to me. Since the moment they were born, I’ve felt such a strong need to look after them - I remember when they came back from the hospital I had put little pillow cases in their cots because what else would a baby sleep in? (My parents didn’t share my thoughts...) 

My role has been somewhere between a big sister who’s always looking out for them, and that of a kind of second Mum - they really are my favourite people! Also since we’ve travelled so much, having two brothers has meant I’ve always had my best friends move around with me, so no matter where we are we laugh uncontrollably, we have all our little inside jokes, and the ridiculous pranks we like to do to each other! I’d like to tell you something probably more interesting or that we have silly little fights, but honestly being a mix of a girl and two boys, we get on so well, and they just add so much to my life!" - Alexa 30

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