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Cut Out Heavy Carbs With These Lighter Alternatives

Cut Out Heavy Carbs With These Lighter Alternatives

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Carbs are the devil. Most people will attest to the fact that after eating a carb heavy meal they feel fat, bloated and lethargic. Therefore, most of us will have attempted a low-carb-diet, for example in the run-up to summer or a special event that warrants dressing up. And, most of us will know that it's blimming difficult; because of the fact that carbs are downright delicious, whilst also being integral to most meals. While it can be tricky cutting out the comfort carbs, it's made a whole lot easier with a few delicious substitutes up your sleeve. Oh hey washboard abs...

1. Courgetti

Veggie spaghetti is everywhere and while it's very hard to ignore the fact that what's on your plate isn't delicious, carby strands of actual pasta, it's still yummy in a much fresher, lighter kind of way.

2. Cauliflower pizza base

Cauliflower has been getting some great recognition recently and for good reason. It's an absolute nutritional powerhouse, brimming with vitamin K and beta carotene. And, it makes a great base for all your favourite pizza toppings.

3. Lettuce wraps

This is a really great way of maxing out on all the juicy fillings, without consuming tons of carbohydrates. There really is no limit to the combinations that can be tried with this. Go crazy!

4. Rye bread

Not all bread is created equal. While most agree that white bread clogs you up and doesn't deliver much on the nutritional front; rye bread on the other hand is gut-friendly and does wonders for your figure! Dieting needn't be about cutting-out completely, it's just a case of seeking better alternatives.

5. Fruit platter

How about a little fruit with your fruit? This is as delightful on the eyes as it is on the palate. It goes without saying, but fruit is your friend when it comes to optimising your diet. Experiment with colours and combinations that get you motivated each day.

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