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Nigeria's Wildlife Secret Exposed

Nigeria's Wildlife Secret Exposed

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Nigeria Cameroon Chimp
The Nigeria Cameroon Chimp is becoming more and more endangered

According to the BBC, one of the world's rarest breeds of chimpanzee has been captured on camera in the obscure settings of the remote Nigerian forests.

Revealed as being of the Nigeria-Cameroon breed, this chimp was observed in a variety of settings in Gashaka Gumti National Park which elevated hopes for the species longevity.

Conservationists noted that the initial sighting as being in a country of a large pangolin.

In spite of the fact that the park is deemed as one protected as a national treasure, the wildlife are still in danger due to threats including poachers.

Chester Zoo's research crew are teaming with the Nigeria National Park Service, surveying well over 1,000 square kilometers of the zone.

The site is famed for it's lush grasslands, beautiful savannah woodlands, and mountain rainforest's. It's fame however, coincides with the consequence that it is now home to a few of West Africa's most endangered species,  including chimps.

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