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Nick Grimshaw To Resign As BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show Host

Nick Grimshaw To Resign As BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show Host

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Nick Grimshaw is to resign as BBC Radio 1 breakfast show host in September will is to get replaced by Greg James.

The DJ said to his listeners that he was “really tired” and about ready to hand over an early morning slot following having been in the role for longer than he had expected. He is to become the second-longest serving breakfast show presenter in the history of the station this week

He stated, “Come September, it will be six years … I’ve decided it’s time for a change, time for a new show and, most importantly, it’s going to be time for a new wake-up time … preferably about 11.30am,” 

Swapping roles with James, Grimshaw is to remain on Radio 1, who is a presenter at the 4-7pm drivetime programme.

It was at this point that James showed up on the programme, saying that he was feeling nervous in regards to announcing his upcoming host role. James said to Grimshaw, “I did not sleep one hour last night just thinking about it … it’s too much,”. James jumped in saying that a job in hosting could be a “big challenge” and that he was “ready to give this a go”.

Each presenter is to work for four days a week, as apart of a strategy to reinvent the schedule at Radio 1 through running programming at the weekend from Friday to Sunday.

In 2012, Grimshaw was appointed to take the place of Chris Moyles, long-serving breakfast show host, with the ambition to minimise the average age of Radio 1’s audience among concerns that the station was becoming irrelevant to young listeners.

He will have adopted a programme with 7 million listeners a week except that during his occasion in control of a programme, that coincided with an explosive escalation in social media and smartphones, this at one point dipped to about 5 million.

The bosses at Radio 1 point towards an industry-wide reduction in the overall number of radio listeners aged 15-24, rather highlighting a growth in the stations Youtube and Facebook following as evidence that they possess relevance to a young crowd.

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