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NFU Has Elected It's First Female President

NFU Has Elected It's First Female President

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Minette Batters
Minette Batters is now NFU President.

Taking it back to 2011, Minette Batters wrote to her local newspaper to say that within two decades, there'd be a female president heading the National Farmers Union. And her prediction has manifested.

Seven years later, Batters has been elected to President for the NFU following her success in a ballot at a Birmingham conference on Wednesday afternoon.

In spite of the fact that her election is significant, she is the first female president in the 110 years of the organisations existence, she said to Sky News: "I like to think farming is all about men and women, most businesses have men and women involved in them so I don't see it as any big issue.

"We have got colleges now with many more women coming through wanting to be the farmers of the future.

"But it is not about men and women, it is about both, and having our voices heard."

Batters was one of the co-founders of Ladies in Beef, a group of female beef farmers formed for the promotion of British Beef. Determined to compensate for the government's ignorance towards the sector, Batters stated:

"There is a clear need for the Government to start taking food seriously"

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