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New Finding From Pompeii Archaeologists

New Finding From Pompeii Archaeologists

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Pompeii archaeologists
While the unfortunate victim managed to survive the first eruption, they were unable to get very far.

Pompeii archaeologists have unveiled the remains of an unlucky victim of whom had been decapitated by a giant rock while they were running from the volcano.

Mount Vesuvius erupted close by in 79 AD, killing many residents in Pompeii, famously freezing them in their positions.

The skeleton in the image above seems to be from a man of whom was a survivor of the first explosion and was running from the city that was doomed to be destroyed.

It appears that it was a leg injury that slowed him up prior to being crushed by a giant stone that had been whizzing through the air.

Archaeologists in Pompeii said that the skeleton revealed indications of a leg bone infection, which may have made walking, let alone running, incredibly difficult.

It wasn't slow-moving molten lava however that killed the majority of the citizens of Pompeii. Rather, a huge cloud of fragments and hot gas, known as a pyroclastic flow, gushed across the city, murdering all of its inhabitants, regardless of where they were, coating them in ash which preserved their last moment.

Archaeologists perceived that it was this lethal cloud of gas that hit their newest finding, hurtling him backward as he turned around to look at it.

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