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Never Waste Another Sunday: Cures For a Hangover

Never Waste Another Sunday: Cures For a Hangover

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OK, so while prevention is always the best cure, there are the odd occasions when the Prosecco goes down just a little too easily and the golden water rule is forgotten.

So, if it comes to Sunday morning and you're feeling the effects of last night's ill-advised drinking antics, then try these five tricks for feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed again in no time. Sunday is back on!

Follow this five-step plan to restoring your natural verve (even if you're not hungover)!

Get up

Try not to wallow in a pit of your own self misery. Sure, you're going be feeling delicate; emotionally and physically, but negative thinking never solved anything. Get up, get out there and press the reset button on your precious weekend.

The right hydration

Most of us are aware that the reason you feel ill on a hangover is, in part, due to dehydration. Therefore consuming lots of H2O is always highly recommended. However, including other fluids may put you on an even faster track to recovery. Replenish your body with electrolytes in the form of coconut water (a healthier alternative to sports drinks), or add some ginger to herbal tea to combat nausea and give you a natural lift.

The right nutrition

The traditional remedial food for a hangover is the good old English fry up, due to it's high salt and fat content. And there is some science to back that up. Because your body's sodium levels and other vital nutrients have been depleted by the alcohol, you need to replenish the system.

Other options that are more effective and better for you include; bananas as a powerful boost for flagging potassium levels (think weak, shaky muscles), eggs which contain amino acids that literally flush toxins out of your body and avocados to provide you with much needed vitamins and healthy fats to speed recovery.

Cold shower

Cold showers are so much more than just about getting clean. They provide a near spiritual experience of rejuvenation for body and soul. You may be put off by the initial shock of cold water pouring onto your head, but this is part of the reason why it is so effective at calming a raging hangover headache. Stand there and let the icy water particles erase away the pain.


And finally, for any other missing vitamins and minerals that your food and fluid intake has failed to supply, pop a multivit. Even if, in reality, it doesn't actually do an awful lot, it may have a placebo effect and make you feel better anyway.

We advise you choose carefully when buying supplements, as not all pills (whatever the packaging proclaims) are created equal. Go for reputable brands and make sure to do your research before popping anything.

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