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Never Give Up: Caroline Flack's Show Of Strength Amid Relationship Split

Never Give Up: Caroline Flack's Show Of Strength Amid Relationship Split

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Love Island presenter, Caroline Flack, has revealed how she experienced inner torment in the wake of her split to fiance, Andrew Brady. She expressed the difficulty she has had in finding the motivation to 'get up and get dressed' for her role as host of the popular ITV2 show. Caroline is currently out in Majorca, where the finale will be broadcast from later this evening.

Caroline Flack: Instagram

An update posted to her Instagram page provides an insight into how she is coping. In the caption it says how she's drawing on advice from her dad to help her remain strong. It's a touching acknowledgement for someone who has supported her throughout her life.

Break-up's are never nice and it's easy to let yourself go to pieces for a bit while you try to figure things out. Obviously, in Caroline's position as the presenter of Love Island, that is not really an option. She is required to put on a brave face for the cameras and tonight she will host the grand finale of Love Island 2018, which has broken audience records for ITV2 since it aired on June 4.

And while she has been instrumental in the love fuelled journeys of the starry-eyed young contestants in the house, for her it has been a different story. Eight weeks ago she was asked whether she felt smug about being engaged to her soulmate, which she laughed off.

She said: "I don't feel smug, I feel exactly the same really. It does feel nice, but I still don't think I'm qualified to give any advice, not from me! I can just be someone they can talk to."

Even though the happily-ever-after was never meant to be, Caroline is demonstrating a show of resilience and using her influence to inspire others. One of her Instagram posts read;

"Hate is heavy, let it go"

And we couldn't agree more!

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