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Netball Winner Says Beckham's Praise Is 'Better Than Gold'

Netball Winner Says Beckham's Praise Is 'Better Than Gold'

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The England netball team

Team mates mob Helen Mousby after she scores the winning goal for the England netball team at the Commonwealth Games.

Radio 1 Newsbeat was told by the England Netball team coach how one of her best players responded to achieving Gold at the Commonwealth Games. According to Tracey, the shooter had said that the comment that David Beckham put on her Instagram was "actually better than winning gold".

The typically high-flying team, Australia, were beaten by England 52-51.

Helen Housby's Instagram page
David Beckham comment's 'congratulations on Helen Housby's Instagram page
Tracey Neville said to Newsbeat why it was such a big deal.

"Her favourite team is Manchester United. When she was at Manchester Thunder, she always used to go and steal tickets of my family to go and watch the game," said Tracey.

"So when she got messages off David Beckham and Gary Neville, obviously my brother, she was absolutely made up."

Talking about her own response to the victory, Tracey said she felt like she was "living in a bubble".

"It still feels extremely surreal, I just can't help but think 'yes, we did it!'"

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Image from Tracey Neville's Twitter, courtesy of the BBC
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"Everyone wants those last-minute goals. They want those fights, those contests. Everything was shown in that game.

"If I could say how I wanted to win a gold medal, that was exactly how it was".

"Just to see netball take over a little bit, even if it's just for one day, it's such an achievement," Tracey said.

"We've broken the glass ceiling in respect to the confidence and the belief in our girls.

"We've always been chasing this dream."

Neville has also said that she hopes her team's win could help inspire another coach.

One of her brother's, Phil, who is charge of the England women's football team.

"I've actually not spoken to him about either of our jobs.

"I think it's just inspired the nation. If this puts his job more on the media map and he can support us in generating more for our sport as well... then I think it'd be amazing."

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