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'Netball Turned My World Around'

'Netball Turned My World Around'

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Peace Proscovia
Peace Proscovia. Image courtesy of Sky Sports.

Proscovia is a woman of whom spent her early years in the Arua District in north-west Uganda, wherein young girls were perceived as "a source of wealth" to their families, and therefore, frequently, were married off whilst they were still in primary school.

Following being identified as an exceptionally skilled athlete by one of her PE teachers, Proscovia's father forbade her from moving to Kampala - the capital city of Uganda - to pursue higher education at university and a netball career.

She said to BBC Sport, "At the age of 16 I stood my ground and I said: 'I know netball can take me somewhere,"

"My mother, having felt the pain that I went through, decided to sacrifice her life to get me to the city, but on arrival she was told to go back home. It was heartbreaking but I had to fight for my dream.

"I believed I was doing the right thing. I believed that it would pave the way for my family and for the girls in my community."

"I want to make [girls] feel equal to me and [to] give them a sense of direction."

The star player has admitted that she had a difficult childhood in Uganda. Both her mother and father didn't have a job, which meant getting meals was a "daily hustle".

Proscovia has expressed her desire for her journey into becoming a professional netball player will be empowering to other girls from the community she lived in and "open their eyes to what they can't see".

She also stated: "I never thought this was possible because of where I came from. My childhood is something heartbreaking to me and I often don't feel like talking about it.

"So many girls that would have been very resourceful to my country today just disappeared. When you start looking for them, you find they're married, and some of them got married in primary school.

"But having seen what netball has done for me, the girls are all working hard to become the next Peace.

"I want to make them feel equal to me and give them a sense of direction. I want to create a chain and encourage them to keep pulling to change the whole community."

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