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National Tree Week

National Tree Week

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From November 24 to December 2, communities up and down the UK will be celebrating trees as part of National Tree Week. It's a chance for people to appreciate trees in the local area; which are an integral part of life and the scenery. Try to imagine where you live with all of the trees gone, it would be a very different place.

It also goes without saying that we rely on there being lots of healthy trees to sustain life on this planet. They are a fundamental element in the delicate ecosystem that we are only just collectively realising is in peril due to human activity. A connection between people and all living things needs to be strengthened if significant changes are to be made for the benefit of the environment.

Celebrating trees is one way of doing this. Check out these creative ideas for showing your appreciation to trees.

Decorate them

Credit: Common Ground

Tree Dressing Day is on the first of December and was initiated in 1990 by Common Ground, an organisation dedicated building stronger connections between people and their natural surroundings.

Tree dressing is a way for the community to show their gratitude and love for the local trees. It can be done with all kinds of materials; such as coloured wool, paper chains, leaf garlands and ribbons. Hand knitted decorations, in the shape of mini beasts for example, are a great way of involving people and sending out a powerful message about community spirit and caring for the environment.

Be careful not to do anything that might harm the tree and be respectful of wildlife living in or around the tree.

Plant one

Planting tree, or trees, is a wonderful way of creating a living memory of something, while giving back to the environment at the same time. The Royal Horticultural Society, or the RHS, provide some great tips on their website.

If you don't have space to plant a tree, then there's the option of potted trees, like a dwarf apple tree. For even smaller varieties, Bonsias are a wonderful way to surround yourself with trees in you home and garden.

Make one

The perfect answer to a cold December day; get the kids to make their own trees. You can do this in many ways, for example as a hand painting, or by creating a 3D model using recycled items from around the house. You could even dress the tree you make with little decorations for an extra special touch.

Get out and appreciate them

The best way to connect to the environment and the trees that surround us, is to spend time amongst it. Our health and wellbeing is intrinsically connected to nature, so the more we immerse ourselves in it the better we feel.

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