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National Numeracy Day: We're All Numbers People!

National Numeracy Day: We're All Numbers People!

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A lot of us say that we are not numbers people. Nevertheless numbers form an important factor in all of our lives. National Numeracy Day is all to do with acknowledging this and supporting people with honing their skills and growing their confidence-levels. Improving your numeracy skills isn't something you need to be able to do naturally, it's a skill that we can all develop further.

Today, the National Numeracy Day Campaign want to get you back into numbers. You can even see where you are with your skills by using their free online tool! Here are a few testimonies from the people that used the campaign's numeracy tool, and the CEO of National Numeracy shares on Twitter why Numeracy Matters!:

"I think that it's like doing exercise, if you don't do it for a long time it's hard when you start again, and it's the same for maths."

~ Tony, 32, Team Manager, Durham

"I can now teach my learners in the best way possible because I can see it from their point of view"

~ Ann, 27, Teacher, Norwich

"It's no exaggeration when I say that it has been, potentially, life-changing."

~ Rachel, 32, Accountant, Leeds

"The Challenge has really built my confidence and I hope that my new-found positivity will continue, pushing me from strength to strength."

~ Adrian, 28, Site Supervisor, Liverpool

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