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National Geographic To Give Up Plastic Wrapper Around Their Magazine

National Geographic To Give Up Plastic Wrapper Around Their Magazine

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National Geographic is launching a multiyear ‘Planet or Plastic?’ campaign to encourage consumers to minimise their use single-use plastics.

The National Geographic have launched Planet or Plastic?, a multiyear effort to bring awareness to the global crisis surrounding plastic waste.

The facts and figures are so shocking that they appear fictitious.

Were you aware that half the plastic ever made was created within the past 15 years? That the trillion plastic bags used worldwide each year have an average “working life” of a mere 15 minutes? That around nine million tons of plastic waste go into the sea each year? And that evaluations for the length of time that plastic lasts range from 450 years to for all-time?

The figures are shocking, but very much accurate.

You'll be pleased to know though, that the National Geographic tell us that the crisis can be mitigated. Everyone in the organization—from the National Geographic Society to the broadcast divisions of National Geographic Partners, want to contribute to tackling the problem.

One of the ways they're doing this, is by sending their magazine's to subscribers in a paper, rather than a plastic wrapper. This small change will rescue over 2.5 million single-use plastic bags each month. The National Geographic have also proposed that their international partners, of whom publish around 36 local-language National Geographic copies all over the world, minimise their use of plastics by the end of '19.

You too, can get involved.

National Geographic are asking citizens across the globe to pledge to minimize their dependence on single-use plastic. People that take on this pledge will develop into a new world-wide community moving towards reducing the swarms of plastic destroying the ocean.

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