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National Biscuit Day: 4 Brilliant Biscuit Recipes

National Biscuit Day: 4 Brilliant Biscuit Recipes

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Did you know that today is National Biscuit Day? We're assuming that you probably didn't. And before you question it's validity, and mock the fact that there's a whole day that's dedicated to celebrating "just biscuits", let me ask you this: How often have you relied on a good old hobnob or digestive to get you through a testing assignment or report? Probably quite a few times. Is the experience of drinking tea enriched when you have a few ginger nuts in your reach to dunk in it? You know that it is. So why not dedicate a day to appreciating one of the trusty snacks that are one of our biggest daily sustainers? Since the biscuit tin isn't something that us Brits will be neglecting anytime soon, and biscuit dunking is a habit that we are far from willing to kick, here are a few of the best British Biscuit recipe ideas!

Homemade Bourbon Biscuits

Bourbon Biscuits
Along with Custard Creams, Digestives, and shortbread, Bourbons are perhaps one of the most popular biscuits. They are delicious in their simplicity. Quite simply, Bourbon's are chocolate sandwich biscuits with a filling of chocolate cream.

Mary Berry's Fork Biscuits

Fork biscuits
A great favourite of The Great British Bake Off's Mary Berry, these simple fork biscuits are one of Mary Berry's favourite's. Follow her simple recipe and relish your fork biscuits with a nice brew.

Chocolate and Tahini Cookies

Chocolate and Tahini
Switch-up your biscuit buying tendencies and bake these chocolate and tahini cookies. The delicious version of the traditional American Oreo in the image link above teams dark, crisp cookies with a creamy, tahini buttercream. Beware: you may end up eating far more than a couple.

Stem Ginger Cookie Sandwiches

Stem Ginger
Try out these chewy, soft ginger cookies with a creamy filling of white chocolate ganache. They make an excellent tasty treat-to-go with afternoon tea. 

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