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Movies To Look Out For In 2018

Movies To Look Out For In 2018

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A new year and a fresh era of Hollywood extravaganza's is on the horizon. With some compelling title's on the agenda, a sprinkle of colourful plots in sight, I think we can agree that the film industry are planning on making these 12 months ones to remember. Here are four movie's that are making us, here at Atmo, excited to head down to the cinema this year:

1. Aquaman

Well-known for his television role as Ronon Dex on the military sci-fi television series Stargate Atlantis, Jason Momoa takes his rightful place, centre-stage, unlike his more marginal appearance in the Justice League movie. Directed by James Wan, the mind that oversaw the creation of Saw (2004), The Conjuring (2013) and Dead Silence (2007), you can imagine many in his fandom attentively anticipating the intrigue he has in store. This release will be the only DC Extended Universe project (the project has created a series of superhero films which has grossed over $3.7 billion at the global box office) on the 2018 schedule. As the 12th highest grossing film franchise, we reckon that Warner Bros expect no less than a super-sized payout from this one.

2. Red Sparrow

Jennifer Lawrence teams up with director of the Hunger Games series, Francis Lawrence for a thought-provoking spy thriller based on Jason Matthews best-selling book. Stars gracing the screen alongside Lawrence include Joel Edgerton, Matthias Achoenaerts, Jeremy Irons & Charlotte Rampling. Alike her part as a strong games heroine, Lawrence once again takes the spotlight as a Russian intelligence officer and former Prima Ballerina, Dominika Egorova, on the tail of a cunning American espionage. As with so many detective intelligence-esque movies, the question is, does the spy become the suspect? We will soon find out.

3. Tomb Raider

4. The Purge 4: The First Purge

In recent years, film adaptations have gained a bad rep for their cringe-worthy attempts at remaking the popular video-game characters that the enormous gaming community know all too well. Fortunate however, is that it is Roar Uthaug, Norwegian director who oversaw the making of The Wave - the disaster film with incredible effects for the small production company that created it. Up-to-date with the recent multi-dimensional survival focused Tomb Raider game series, rather than it's simple B&W gunplay of its earlier days, Uthaug is set to impress Lara Croft game buffs.

4. The First Purge

Just from looking at the red hat on the film's poster, anyone with just a slight bit of awareness of today's dominant political arena, can fathom the movie's allusion. Being concerned with the USA's passing of a shocking law, the world's presently fearful social environment in regard to US politics indicates that the film draws some relation to the mentality of an infamous orange White House inhabitant.

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