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Monday Motivation: Kindness

Monday Motivation: Kindness

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Our Monday Motivation quote for the week is...

Most people will go through their day without even realising some of the kind things they do so this is not only a reminder to be kind to the those we love, strangers and the planet but to help us to remember to be thankful and appreciative of the kinds things, big and small that people do for us and our world everyday.

But what defines Kindness?

The Dictionary defines kindness as: The quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. This might outline being kind but we think it goes far beyond this explanation.

The world can sometimes feel like a place that lacks kindness and so we asked a few people to give us some examples of Random Acts of Kindnessto help restore our faith.

In the clip below Orly Wahba passoinately take us through her journey and shows how one person can make such a huge difference simply by being and seeing the good in the world. Her emotional and inspiring life story has helped people all over the globe and she vows to carry on doing so, well worth a watch!

Kindness can be anything from being there for a friend, re-uniting a stranger with something they have dropped to helping an animal or even acting on something that could save lives.

Love and kindness go hand in hand together but this doesn't mean that we can't go out of our way to be kind to those we don't know. Looking around we have no idea of the battles the strangers around us are fighting so a simple help in hand or and unnecessary kind word can go along way.

Kindness is selfless, it is not something you do for gratitude or for yourself but something you do without want for reward of any kind recognition other then you know in your heart that what your actions or words have had a positive impact on someone or something else. If you get knocked down when trying to do something kind try not to let it effect any future kindness.

While it is important to be kind to other people, we also need to be more kind to other living creatures and to our planet. Our world, like us is not invisible and we all need to work on being kinder to it and the other creatures that inhabit it. There are so many simple things you can do to make a change and if you need more ideas, you can find all kinds of advice on how you can make a difference on our Nature and Environment page.

Happy Monday :)

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