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Monday Motivation: How to get out of your own way

Monday Motivation: How to get out of your own way

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It is Monday again and time for some motivation to get you through the week.

How often do you feel like there is something you want to achieve but never can? This might be a something you encounter regularly and it might be because subconsciously you hope yourself back by standing in your own way, here are some top tips on how to step out of your own way and give yourself the ability to succeed.

Change it up

While it is important not to quite and remain dedicated to your goals no matter what the world throws at you, it is also necessary to recognise when something is just not going to work out. For whatever reason this may be, if you keep attempting and failing at the same thing it can be disheartening and lead to other opportunities being lost.

So if you have given something your all and made little or no process, change things up a little bit so that you can accomplish your goals.

Obstacles = Solutions

Change the way you look at things. Instead of looking at obstacles as something that stops you from achieving your goals, look at them as a stepping stone to finding a solution. For example, your goal is to write a book, but you don't have enough time or the skills, maybe start with short stories or take a writing course. Once you have accomplished getting over any initial obstacles you will start to feel encourage to keep going.


Having a real focus and a plan is a really good way of making sure you keep track of your progress. When you're finding your focus make sure that what you are setting out to do is something that you really want to do. ensure that it is something that is important to you and not something that you just think you should do. Find your focus and get started.

Keep Busy

It is a well known fact that busy people get more done. So keep busy, fill up your days and get out there and accomplish your dreams!

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