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Midfielder: Jess Fishlock Thrilled At Historic Grand Final Win

Midfielder: Jess Fishlock Thrilled At Historic Grand Final Win

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Jess Fishlock
Jess Fishlock celebrating her Grand Final goal

Midfielder, Jess Fishlock, told the BBC that Sunday’s historical Grand Final win was a career highlight.

The 31 year-old, Fishlock, led the way as Melbourne defeated Sydney 2-0 in front of a giant crowd which meant a third Grand Final victory.

Just claiming victory at a second tournament in 2017 had been significant.

“It is very hard to stay the best consistently; you rarely see a side anywhere in the worlds win three titles in a row,” Fishlock said.

“I don’t like to lose! I am a bit of a sore loser to be honest,” she told BBC Sport Wales.

“To win it three times is unprecedented – it has not been done in Australia in a football sense. I don’t think many teams can win it back to back to back, it is very hard to do at elite level.

“It is a huge testament to the girls and the club. They have invested in women’s football and they have been rewarded for that.

“The group we have at Melbourne City would do well in any league in the world.

“With the group we have put together we want to win and should win, but actually doing it is something very different, you need a mental and physical strength.”

Having celebrated her 100th cap for Wales, Fishlock stated that playing a limelight role in front of a record of a crowd is most definitely a career highlight.

“I can’t do what I do without my team, a lot of our team played very well but I got the goal and helped to set up the other one and I am obviously very happy with that, to get the ‘three-peat’ is a very special feeling,” she said.

“Moments make memories, it is the moments, I had a very good  one last year with Wales getting 100 caps and it is the moments you remember.

“You do remember the games and the score, but what you remember most is the moments you create like this and it’s a great moment.

“Ten years ago playing women’s football there was nothing, truly nothing and now I am playing football at this level and can see how far the women’s game has come, it’s really nice.”

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