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Student Mental Health

Student Mental Health

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Mental Health

A new study that observes the mental well-being of medical students, discovered that more than 27% of medical students in 47 countries displayed depression symptoms. For what reason is this do you ask? Does it correlate with findings in the rest of the student body? What preventative measures can be taken? And how can we provide guidance to the student body of whom are going through mental health issues at present?

In the Mental Health Foundation's podcast with the British Journal of Psychiatry, Lauren Chakkalackal, speaks with Derek Tracy of the British Journal and King's College London, in addition to the Mental Health Foundation's Anna Hoang and Linda Liao, recent university graduates. It is available to access in the link provided below:

Mental Health Foundations podcasts: Mental Health in students

The academic documents used as a touchstone for the discussion include Prevalence of depression, depressive symptoms and suicidal ideation among medical students, published in JAMA and featured in the British Journal of Psychiatry's Kaleidoscope section, February 2016.

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