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Meghan Markle Leaves 'Suits' With On-Screen Wedding

Meghan Markle Leaves 'Suits' With On-Screen Wedding

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Meghan Markle last episode
Meghan Markle as Rachel marries her long-term partner in last ever episode of Suits.

After Ms Markle's last ever episode of Suits, Markle's fans took to Twitter to start expressing their disappointment that she is no longer to feature on the show.

One devastated fan said: “What minuscule hope I had that #Suits could survive the loss of Mike and Rachel just died a painful, whimpering death.”

Another fan tweeted: “I don't know if I'm ready to say goodbye to Mike and Rachel,” with another adding: “This show was already falling for me but now that Patrick [Mike] and Meghan [Rachel] are both leaving, so am I.”

Ever since 2011, Ms Markle has held her own in the part of the astute lawyer Rachel, and stated that she'd be leaving the role in 2017 when she gave her first ever television interview with Prince Harry, after their engagement.

Mike and Rachel's last season seven shows, that were released in unison, have been on Netflix since airing on Wednesday night.

In Meghan's last episode, Zane walks down the aisle as John Legend's "All of You" is played.

Will Markle's disappearance really be doom-and-gloom for Suits?

Not according to the creator, Aaron Korsch who has revealed that it will have "everything from shifting alliances and internal power plays, to secrets, betrayals and fiery relationships."

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