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Meet The Girl That Makes 'Boob Pots'

Meet The Girl That Makes 'Boob Pots'

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An artist that originates from Edinburgh, Emma, presently based in Leeds, resigned from her job to pursue her love of pottery. Slightly inspiring is the fact that she has zero experience of moulding clay other than a 10 week night course! She is living proof that dreams can come to fruition.

Her first ever "tit pot" was made for her boyfriend as a Christmas present. She wanted to make a gift that symbolised her rather than the generic "tit pots" that you see everywhere. It's certainly personal alright.

Emma then set off on a mission to make more of these personalised pots that feel accepting of everyone, regardless of their size, shape, skin tone or gender.

That's one incredible mission.

You can find her art on her Instagram page here

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