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Mama Baby Yoga: The Benefits

Mama Baby Yoga: The Benefits

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Yoga is a practice that can be adapted to support you at all stages throughout your life. The basic yogic principles will always remain the same, however the asanas you do can be tailored to reflect the requirements of your body at that particular time.

One of the most transformative things a woman can go through is having children; from pregnancy, to childbirth, to becoming a mum. Specialised yoga classes, designed specifically for pre or postnatal, are a great way for women to connect; with themselves, with their child (unborn or not) and with other women going through a similar experience.

Benefits of pregnant yoga:

Yoga through pregnancy, as long as the class is specifically tailored for it, come with many health benefits. Pregnancy can put the body under a variety of stresses; hormonal, physical and emotional. Yoga, therefore, is an effective way to cultivate calm and awareness to all levels of your being, both internal and external to you. It allows you the quiet time to listen to your body and to stretch through the aches and discomfort of a rapidly changing body shape.

Benefits of 'mama baby' yoga:

Once you have given birth and are flung into the throws of mummy-hood, yoga once again is there to support you through this time of significant change. The stretches focus on regaining flexibility after months of being restricted by the baby bump and toning up the pelvic floor area. Added to this it is a chance to connect with your baby in a unique way, whilst exposing them to a practice which could be the start of a yoga journey that benefits them through life.

A yoga partner for life:

Using yoga as a way to bond might be something that you and your child continue, well past the 'mama baby' stage. By cultivating an interest in yoga early on, your child is likely to want to carry on practicing; and who better to do this with than the person who was taking them to classes while they were still in the womb!

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