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Make Sure To Wrap Up On Your Run With This Winter Workout Gear

Make Sure To Wrap Up On Your Run With This Winter Workout Gear

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Don't write off all outdoor exercise because it's winter and you're worried about getting cold. Just make sure you have the appropriate equipment and clothing to protect you from the elements allowing you to embrace the cold season! Going outside to workout when it's chilly is a great opportunity to push yourself out of your comfort zone and boost your immunity. No excuses!

Take a look at this winter workout gear; designed to protect you from the cold while you successfully up your fitness game.


Lululemon Athletica Extra Mile Vest £168

Bodywarmers are perfect for running in wintery weather. The bodice ensures that your core temperature is kept raised, whilst leaving your arms free to move.

Base layers

Mountain Warehouse Women's Round Neck Thermal Top £24.99

Base layers are the secret weapon in staying warm. Wear a layer of thermal under everything, then layer up on top of that. You'll be toasty warm even before you start running.

Head band

Under Armour Women's ColdGear® Reactor Headband

Keeping your head warm is of paramount importance when it's bitterly cold. Wearing a headband as opposed to a hat is sometimes more practical with various hairdo's and can feel comfier too.

Face mask

Keep the harsh winter weather from ravaging your complexion with a face mask. Especially when you start out on your run, noses and ears can become uncomfortably cold. Cover up until you've generated enough of your own body heat through running, then you can pull it down off your face.

These stylish multifunctional face masks can double up at a scarf or a headband.

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