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Go Plastic Free: Savvy Switch Ups For Your Single-Use Plastics

Go Plastic Free: Savvy Switch Ups For Your Single-Use Plastics

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2018 is the year that we finally started to take the plastic epidemic seriously. At last, we are waking up to the devastating impact it is having on our planet.

OK, so this should of happened a very long time ago and it's shameful the extent to which the oceans and the world's many varied inhabitants have been affected by the callous disposal of plastic, but that won't help us now.

We must all look to the future and find ways that we, as individuals, can make changes in our lives to help with the global effort.

Here are a few great alternatives to lesson our reliance on single-use plastics;

Shampoo Soap Bar

While most of us are slaves to our bathroom rituals; products for clean, glossy hair being a vital part of that, there is one easy way to lessen your plastic consumption, without depriving your locks. The shampoo soap bar is a highly effective means of cleansing hair without churning through an alarming load of single-use plastic bottles.

Plastic Free Reusable Bottles

If you haven't already; stop with the unnecessary, money-wasting habit of buying bottles of drink and start re-using your own plastic free one. This is a no-brainer for everyone, as plastic has been scientifically proven to be bad for your health. Stop sipping on all that toxic BPA that is seeping into your water and start using one ofthese alternatives instead.

Glass Straws

While these sound like they should be hazardous, they are of course completely safe and made from the strongest commercially available glass, called borosilicate. We are assured that you can even chew on these without them splintering in your mouth, however this isn't recommended as it may do damage to your teeth. If carrying one of these around means that we never have to use a paper straw again, then this item is already in the basket!

Reusable Bags

This is a fairly obvious one and I'm sure most of you are on board with this already. But, if not here's something super easy that you can do to prevent so many filthy carrier bags contaminating our beautiful planet. Use these gorgeous reusable one's instead!

Bamboo Toothbrushes

Toothbrushes are one of the worst offenders of plastics that are regularly tossed away to fill up our rivers and oceans. So, here's a solution for an item we're guessing you're not going to go without. Try one of these bright, beautiful bamboo toothbrushes instead. Turn a mundane daily ritual into something that is also benefiting mother nature. Now, that's inspired!

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