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5 Top Tips On How To Survive A Festival

5 Top Tips On How To Survive A Festival

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Festival season is pretty much upon us, and you need to be fully informed on how to make the most of your festival weekend!

1. Wear Sunscreen. 

This one is especially for those out there that are Edward Cullen pale, the sun is your worst enemy. Spending hour upon hour in the baking summer sun will end in awful burns that'll leave you wanting sit in a bath of ice and aloe-vera. So smother yourself in that sun-cream gal. 

2. Stay Hydrated.

Do not, I repeat, do not forget to take the bottle of water in your tent with you wherever you go. An awful scenario would be having to watch your favourite band whilst feeling extremely uncomfortable because your so dehydrated. Do you know what would really suck? Spending the festival in the med tent. It would be no fun at all.

3. Wear comfortable shoes.

Please don't be daft and bring your heels along to a festival. There's a time and a place. Grab those wellies from your porch and your shabbiest trainers because there'll be mud-galore!

4. Plot your stage lineup.

Many festivals have apps that keep you updated about stage line-ups. One of the worst things that could happen is for you to miss your favourite band because you thought they were at the star stage when they were actually at sky. Be organised.

5. Study-up the set lists.

How many times have you felt incredibly dumb trying to sing-along to a tune you'd never heard before? Well if you go to a festival without having a peep into the sort of music that will be on show, you'll feel quite silly, or simply confused about people getting hyped over an act you'd never heard of before. Get savvied up.

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