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Leading Health Official Says Britain Needs To Be More Health Conscious

Leading Health Official Says Britain Needs To Be More Health Conscious

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Portion sizes of some of Britain's favourite foods are close to being disposed of - health officials reporting to the public that it's about time they went "on a diet".

Public Health England is focusing on processed meat, takeaways, ready meals and pizzas, in their obesity awareness campaign.

Being criticised and told to change, the food industry has been asked by the government to begin using far healthier ingredients.

This is all apart of a mission to reduce calorie consumption by 20% by 2024.

This target applies to 13 different food groups which account for 1/5 of children's calorie intake.

This is in addition to:

  • A sugar reduction programme, which targets nine different food groups
  • A sugar drinks levy, which will materialise in April.

The combination of the measures mean that health officials can take direct action in challenging foods responsible for child obesity.

According to the BBC, PHE chief executive Duncan Selbie stated that these steps were largely concerned with changing the eating habits of adults.

"Britain needs to go on a diet. Children and adults routinely eat too many calories, and it's why so many are overweight or obese."

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