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Last Minute Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

Last Minute Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

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It's Halloween next week and the ultimate occasion for fancy dress! Why not combine (dark) forces with your partner in "slime" and wear matching costumes for a night of double the trouble.

Get your inspiration from these couples costume ideas and see how you can create the look quickly and easily!

Vampire couple

Get it in the neck from your partner with this classy costume for the blood suckers among us. Easy to make with a few black garments and some face paints. Start by whitening the skin, then blacken around the eyes and add generous amounts of fake blood around the mouth and dripping down the front for the ultimate vampish effect.

The wicked witch and her black cat

Scary meets sexy and cute. This is what Halloween is all about. If you have a boyfriend, then it could be fun to make him your cat for the night.

Day of the Dead skulls

This is so effective for a minimal amount of resources, although some artistic talent is required for the face paint. The skeletal body effect is the best bit, making use of two black and white T-shirts with rib shapes cut out of them.

The corpse bride & groom

The classic couples combo and one that works. The best advice for the women's bridal dress is to check out charity shops for any kind fancy white dress and then embellish it with a lacy veil. Fake blood can then be splattered onto the costume and streaming black eye make-up to complete the look.

Ghostly ghouls

This is more of a full body makeup effect, but can be achieved easily if you stick to just doing the face and wearing black, torn, rag-like clothing. These costumes rely on some effective finishing touches in the form of two pointed hats and a carved out pumpkin. Be creative and see what finishing touches you could bring to the design.

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