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Keep It Clean And Toxic-Free With These Home Cleaning Products

Keep It Clean And Toxic-Free With These Home Cleaning Products

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Who doesn't want their homes to be sparkling clean; a little oasis of shiny, germ-free surfaces and fresh, dustless upholstery? We all strive for some level of cleanliness in our homes and most likely have at least one cupboard as a designated holding space for the small army of sprays, foams, soaps and polishes, which are the first line of defence in the war against dirt and grime.

So, how do we feel about the fact that the majority of products that are used around our homes, our families, our pets; everything we care most about, are highly toxic and harmful to health.

The chances are none of us are happy about it, but due to force of habit and the fact that these products produce great results, means that we haven't bothered to look for alternatives.

Well, allow us to do the leg work for you and provide you with some first rate cleaning products, that are as effective as they environmentally friendly.


Click here to buy the full range of 6 (plus an additional multi-purpose cleaner) Alkimi cleaning products on Amazon for £17.89

Alkimi currently produces a range of 5 home cleaning products; including kitchen cleaner, glass and window cleaner and a specific shiny surface cleaner. These cutting edge formulas are all created using sustainably-sourced, natural ingredients and are extremely effective.


Buy products direct from the website, this example being £4.25, or from Waitrose

Kinn is an award winning brand started by a mother/daughter duo who started out creating natural skin care products and recently expanded into the home cleaning domain. These plant-based, eco-friendly cleaning products leave the home fresh with the scent of herbs and flowers, not harmful synthetic fragrances.

Dr Bronner's

The full range of Dr Bronner's products are available to buy through the website (linked in title) or click here to purchase this product on Amazon priced £18.47

This all-in-one product may not only reduce your ecological footprint, but also the amount of products you need. It effectively cleans everything from your laundry to your dishes. The concentrated formula is exceptional in it's ability to cut through grease, dissolve stains and scrub hard water residue, whilst being gentle on skin and biodegrading quickly and completely.


It's almost worth buying this limited edition product for the label alone, however what you'll also be getting is a multi-surface cleaner that is planet friendly and derived from natural ingredients. Method really does have it down in the environmental department, whilst also creating a brand that is ethical, fun and beautiful.


Buy direct from the website or head over to Amazon via the link to buy a pack of 3 of this product for £12.94

One of the best known brands to be all about the environment and steering clear of harsh additives in our cleaning products. Ecover produce a full range of products, from washing-up liquids to laundry powders. Available to buy in most health food shops and online, you can trust Ecover to keep your house fresh with a non-toxic, guilt-free cleanliness.

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