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Julia Roberts is Back On Our Screens (and we're a little bit excited)

Julia Roberts is Back On Our Screens (and we're a little bit excited)

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Amazon Prime has released a teaser of it's latest exclusive series, Homecoming, which is due out on Nov 2. The best bit is that it stars, Julia Roberts, who surfaced in the media recently looking every-inch a Hollywood goddess in a chic, pink blouse and figure hugging jeans.

It's only a nibble, at under one minute, so why not have a quick peek before reading on.

It certainly succeeds on the atmospheric front, even if very little is given away. Slow moving panoramic shots, which zoom in and out on objects that appear to be in a state-of-the-art hotel gives the impression of opulence. The recurring portrayal of a pineapple; first as a lamp, then as a painting in a bedroom and finally chopped up on plates in a restaurant-style kitchen has us decidedly intrigued. I think we can already guess that this will have us hooked through the winter months.

Described as a psychological thriller, the final frame depicts Roberts on a sofa, notepad in hand addressing someone off screen saying, "Shall we get started?" This has the desired effect, because immediately your body screams a silent yes! Anything you say, Julia, in that gravelly, mellifluous voice of yours.

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