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Instagram Now Has A ‘Mute’ Setting

Instagram Now Has A ‘Mute’ Setting

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Instagram has recently announced a feature that will finally provide users with the power to control which of the people they are following do, or do not, appear in their feeds.

In the next few days, you should be able to take away particular accounts' posts and stories from your feed on Instagram without being forced to unfollow them or having Instagram make it known to them what you did. For many years, Facebook has granted users and option to carry out just this, and users were ecstatic when Snapchat rolled out a similar feature in the early months of this year. It is one of a few, greatly received most recent updates.

Perhaps one of the clearest benefits of a feature such as this is the social factor. Users of Instagram will not undergo the risk of eliminating followers or go to the extent of unfollowing a friend just because they post so often. It supports individuals of whom would better enjoy a more consistent feed, providing users with the option to solely allow for news, fashion or dog posts for instance.

Lately, Instagram has been performing experiments with its algorithm, aspiring to figure out the most convenient method in deciding who it is that appears at the beginning of your feed. Short of choosing who it is that you follow, the update has been created to provide users with a certain degree of management over the images they see in their feed.

Want to know how to activate the "mute" feature on Instagram when it comes out? This is how:

When you view a post from a person of whom you no longer want to view in your feed, select the three dots that are in the top, right-hand corner. You will notice that the "mute" button is now under "unfollow."


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