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Ideas For Getting Photos Off Your Phone

Ideas For Getting Photos Off Your Phone

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We buy phones with the most mega pixels and advanced camera technology, which enables us to take excellent quality images, but for what?

For social media feeds and more often than not, just to sit redundantly in phone storage. Well, at least they're not collecting dust there, but it's still a crying shame!

In the digital age we take so many snapshots and with such ease, that we no longer cherish the moments we capture in quite the same way; as when you would go and pick up your little wallet of shiny prints from the pharmacy.

Organising photos is a job that requires some time and effort, so set aside a Saturday afternoon and make it your priority to scroll through all of your digital albums, selecting the best snaps and moving them into a separate folder.

Once you have distilled your photos in this way, you can then decide how you'd like to use them. Below are some ideas to help you.

Photo canvas

Canvasses look amazing affixed to a wall; the depth and quality of the finish providing the perfect touch. However, this affect has been ruined somewhat by a growing trend for cheap, generic prints, so every other living room looks identical. Create a unique interior by getting a canvas made of a beautiful image that you've taken yourself, or is of something that brings back special memories.

Printed on things - mugs, pillows, pencil case

This is fun way of personalising gifts for people. You could use a baby photo as a little memoir, or do someone's beloved pet for them.


Get artsy with your prints and create a collage. You could make one especially for a person or to showcase a holiday; or just compile a random selection of your favourite pics for an instant pick-me-up every time you look at it.

Wire photo clips

Crystal weighted wire photo clips. Image courtesy of Pinterest

These are a really gorgeous example, however, you could use pretty much anything for the weight. Pebbles are a popular choice, or little cubes of painted wood is another cool idea. Check out Pinterest for loads more!

Gallery wall

Designating an area of wall space for a picture gallery is a lovely way of showing off your most treasured photos and making your home feel personal and heartwarming. Use odd frames and keep the arrangement loose for a natural and visually intriguing aesthetic.

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