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How Vertellis gets the Conversation Going!

How Vertellis gets the Conversation Going!

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Vertellis started on a cold, rainy December day in Holland, where founders Lars Blokdijk and Bart Kloosterhuis wanted to create a home made Christmas gift. Realising the world is distracted by technology and that we don't have meaningful conversations anymore, their great idea was to create an easy, sociable card game that would encourage people to sit around, open up and talk. With great crowd funding success behind them, the team were able to transform their original scribbles into a sell-out card game, neatly packed in a small black box.

How does Vertellis work?

The genius of the game is in its simplicity. You can play it any time - a quiet evening in; on a flight, on holiday. The main ground rules are - turn off your phone, be open and sincere, and always ask people "can you tell us more?"

The classic game occurs over four rounds. For example, in round 1 each individual picks a card looking back over the past. You could answer a question like "which moment would you most like to relive?" or "what was the best thing you bought for under £100?" This will get the conversation flowing and probably lead to lots of surprises!

Round 2 will be a group question and will test what you know about the people you're playing with. For example, you could be asked to rate how you felt the past year was on a scale of 1 to 10. Would your family and friends guess your score?

Round 3 reverts back to individual questions, this time, about the future, such as "what will you do that no-one would expect"? (We had a lot of fun with that one.) Round 4 is for the group again, reflecting on the future, e.g. asking people to guess where you'd most like to go on holiday.

The results

Playing Vertellis does make you realise how easy it is to fall into the trap, with friends or family, of being hooked on the computer, phone or Netflix. It's a springboard into just talking and sharing, and it's a great wake-up call when you learn about someone's feelings, dreams and experiences without distractions.

The Relationship Edition

Vertellis also comes in a relationship edition - perfect for taking away on a weekend break or for a cosy couple's night in. We've used it, and it's a really positive tool for talking about your relationship in a non-threatening way. For example, a question like "in the past few weeks, when did you have the most fun with your partner" could lead you to share the same fond memory, or realise your partner enjoyed something a lot more than you thought, or prompt you to go have some fun as you struggled to thing of anything! There are some great questions that really stimulate discussion, such as asking yourselves, if you had no obligations for six months, what would you do?

Vertellis Chapters - the Journal that helps you grow.

Alongside the game, Vertellis have also produced a nice, printed journal called "Vertellis Chapters."

This is a journal that is founded in psychology and wellbeing, and encourages you to reflect on what you're grateful for, what went well during the day and what could go better.

But more than other journals in this market, each Chapter has a theme which takes you on a journey of self-discovery. For example, Chapter IV, Comfort Zone, encourages you to do something new and exciting, whereas Chapter VII, Choose For Yourself sets you the goal of putting aside time for yourself in a unique way.

Vertellis products are responsibly sourced and we like the positive contribution they're making to wellbeing across the world.

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