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How To Use Your Sunday To Feel Refreshed For The Work Week Ahead

How To Use Your Sunday To Feel Refreshed For The Work Week Ahead

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All week long you put your energy and zeal into performing to the best of your ability at work, so it's no wonder you feel like a deflated balloon as soon as Friday comes knocking. Do you know what this means? In scheduling your weekends, you need to be equally as conscientious, but in a different way. Instead of planning to meet deadlines, you need to plan for doing things that both relax you and bring you happiness.


In this day and age, our phones have come to be at the centre of everything that we do. We use them to multi-task as they have our calendar, phone book, camera, in addition to a host of many more things. And this is a problem. It means that we struggle to disconnect from the consistent buzz that comes with it. Do yourself a favour and give yourself some peace of mind by either keeping it on silent, or just switching it off.

Do something you enjoy 

It's easy to slip into the unhealthy mentality of our work lives being all-consuming. Log out of your work email, don't keep checking it, and do a hobby you love but have neglected, or go and visit a friend that you miss.

Plan ahead

While we aren't recommending that you spend a large portion of your Sunday planning out the details of your week ahead, what would be a good idea is simply having a rough outline in mind of what you will be doing in the week - to save yourself stress in the long-run!


This is especially applicable if you have a desk-job. With cooking, outside-activities, relationships and general errands, generally taking up a lot of our time after work, we often struggle to get the exercise we need. This can be deeply problematic in the light that the less exercise you have, the less cognitive ability you have, and the weaker your joints become. It also makes for a dull complexion as you're not getting a sweat on. So make sure to go for a run, cycle, or whatever other form of exercise you enjoy, while you have the time.


You've probably heard this a million times from various sources, but we need 8 hours of sleep each night. Any less and you're setting yourself up for some serious sleep deprivation. Staying up a little longer each night to watch that episode of Homeland we've been waiting ages for, may seem like a good idea at the time, but done consistently, it can accumulate into a "sleep debt". If you're guilty of not getting the shut-eye time that your body needs then use Sunday for having that much-needed catch-up!

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