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How To Use a Whole Roast Chicken

How To Use a Whole Roast Chicken

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When buying chicken, it is more cost effective to buy the whole thing and to incorporate it into the meal plan more than once. The trouble is, in today's world of prepackaged food, most of us have forgotten how to prepare our own food.

In the war against unnecessary waste and with soaring food prices, we could all benefit from making our food stretch a little further.

Here is how one whole chicken can be effectively utilised for three separate meal ideas, using every part of it. "Waste not, want not", as they say.


If there is two of you, share one breast for a roast dinner along with some extra thigh meat and save the other breast to make a chicken salad for your lunchbox. A delicious and light recipe that takes very little effort is a spinach and pomegranate seed salad, with a fresh lemon dressing topped with chunks of chicken.

Thighs and wings

Remove the thighs and the wings from the chicken after roasting and leave to marinate in a sticky sauce. Pop under the grill before serving up meal number three, alongside some homemade chips for a DIY KFC. Another option is to remove the meat from the bones and make healthy wraps with fresh salad.


When all you're left with is the chicken carcass, it's time to get old fashioned and boil up the bones to make a tasty, nutritious chicken stock. This can be used to flavour stews, casseroles or for some food for the soul, check out Jamie Oliver's wholesome chicken soup recipe.

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