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How to make the most of a rainy Bank Holiday

How to make the most of a rainy Bank Holiday

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It’s August, it’s school holidays, and the bank holiday is coming up. We all know what that means: rain. Call us cynical, but doesn’t it seem like every August bank holiday is a washout?

Well, there’s a chance we might be lucky and have a glorious long weekend of beach bbq weather but, just in case, here are our favourite ways to take the disappointment out of a rainy bank holiday.

Visit an aquarium

Why not make a bit of a theme out of the watery weather, and head to your nearest aquarium? Most aquariums are indoor attractions, but they also have an outdoorsy, natural vibe which will help you to maintain that summer spirit. Plus, they’re fascinating places which do a lot for ocean conservation. If you’ve got kids, taking them to the aquarium is a great way to inspire a lasting love of our oceans.

Try an escape room

Escape rooms are a craze which look like they’re here to stay. The concept is pretty simple: you and your group are ‘locked’ in a room and have to locate the key using a consecutive series of clues. Some setups are narrative-driven, others rely more upon logical thinking and puzzle-solving. Most are aimed at adults, so this might be one for the childfree. However, parents need not despair! You may have to do a little digging to find them, but some escape roomsetups are now offering scenarios aimed at children and families.

Visit a board game café

Board games are making a resurgence, and board game cafes are at the heart of it all. Settle down with friends or family, get a round in, and pick a fun game from the café’s stacks (or bring your own!). There are award-winning board game cafes all over the country, so you shouldn’t have to travel too far.

Settle down with some quality content

OK, yes, we know that we’re supposed to be cutting down on screentime, getting more active, spending quality time with loved ones and all the rest. But we’re also supposed to be destressing! A bit of everything in moderation does you good – and that includes vegging on the sofa with a game, a boxset, a book, or a good film.

A lot of us think that rainy days mean that the bank holiday is cancelled and we should just get on with housework or something. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Set work to one side and spend a rainy day doing something you love, or something you find relaxing. Whether that’s hitting the gym, lining up a boxset, taking the kids to an indoor venue, reading a book, or even just pulling the covers back over your head and spending the day in bed. Bank holidays are for taking a break from work – and there’s no need for a bit of rain to get in the way of your bank holiday leisure!

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