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How To Have A Romantic Date Night At Home

How To Have A Romantic Date Night At Home

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Contrary to what popular culture and Hollywood suggest - that a romantic date night has to take place in some luxurious restaurant with lobster for dinner, fine champagne and in stiletto heels with a figure hugging dress - romance can be found in complete simplicity. No need to add in the glitter! 

If you're at a point in your relationship where you want to reignite the spark that was there from when you first set eyes on each other, there are so many things you can do at home to add a little zest to your night! Here's a few ways for you to spice it up:

Scented candles

Scented Candles

Although the curry smell of that chicken korma you made yesterday doesn't smell bad at all, why not use the power of the senses to have an influence on both you and your partner's mood? You'd be surprised at how powerfully scent can alter your mood, and while we're not suggesting that a rose blossom Yankee candle will take you back to feeling head-over heels again, we know it'll will have you swooning!



Where do you usually eat dinner? If it's the table then what does it look like? If you want the night to be an extraordinary one, then you've got to stay away from the same-olds. Get a nice new table cloth, use your best cutlery and yes, by all means, arrange some flowers, maybe a few roses in a vase. You don't have to buy a giant bunch of carnation that block you from seeing eachother, but a centrepiece will definitely contribute to the lovey-dovey vibe you're going for.

Fancy food

Ovenbaked Pizza

Garlic is a no-go and you can save the beans on toast for another night. Opt for something classy! Oysters on the half shell are a typical romantic dish, but if that won't cut it for you or your man, then try a Pot Roast with Red Wine Sauce. Both are delicious and will help with mixing things up.

Watch a movie together


In a cute way! Get comfortable with a fluffy blanket, mugs of hot chocolate and a film you both agree on. Since it's a time for you to just be with each other, try not to look at your mobile phone - just enjoy the moment. It will show your special someone how much you appreciate them.

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