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How To Get The Most From a Massage

How To Get The Most From a Massage

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Massages can be a luxurious treat, but they can also be extremely beneficial to your health and wellbeing. Depending on the type of massage you receive; you can expect to enter a state of deep relaxation, have aches and pains kneaded out tight muscles and aid with detoxifying the body from built up toxins.

A good massage does not come cheap, however, so make sure you get the most from your experience with these handy tips.

Choose the right style and duration

Massages come in a variety of different styles, usually with various options regarding duration. Take care when deciding what to go for. While some massages are deeply relaxing and soothing, others are more physical and can even be a bit painful. Do your research beforehand into the type of massage you're getting and if it's your first time, then err on the side of caution and go for a shorter time.

Make sure you feel comfortable

If the thought of stripping-off in front of a stranger who is getting ready to rub their hands all over you has you trembling at the knees, then decide how much bare skin you're comfortable with beforehand and stick to that. Obviously, the therapist will need to access certain areas of your body, depending on the type of massage, so don't opt for full-body if this will only make you nervous.

Remember why you're getting a massage in the first place, which is likely to be either for relaxation or to help with bodily aches and pains. Being overly tense and feeling uneasy the entire time will only serve to counteract the benefits.

Stay hydrated

Massages activate the lymphatic system and help to dislodge and dissipate the toxins we harbour in our tissues. It's important, therefore, to drink lots of water after receiving a massage to help the liver to flush out this internal "debris".

It's also worth noting that while massages can leave you in a state of absolute bliss, some people suffer with headaches or feeling achy after. This is a result of toxins having been released from the tissues and working their way out of the body. For this reason, you may want to avoid strenuous activity after a getting massage.

Relax and let go

Remember you're paying for this experience, so be sure to enjoy every second! Leave stressful thoughts and life situations at the door and immerse yourself in the surroundings. Become aware of pleasant aromas and allow the softly playing music to wash over you. Make your massage experience about all of the senses and allow yourself this time for deep relaxation.

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