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How To Get Pretty, Healthy Summer Feet

How To Get Pretty, Healthy Summer Feet

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Since you've probably been stuffing your feet into warm winter boots all winter, pretty pedicures were likely swept aside as a waste of time and money and substituted for fluffy Santa socks. However, the summer season is almost here, and over-grown, un-kept toenails are no longer acceptable! Here's 5 ways to prep your feet before they see the light of day.

1. Prevent tarnished toes

Nice toes

Isn't it so annoying when you've spent so much time giving yourself a pretty pedicure, just for the shine to be brushed away after walking on the sand? We're certainly not saying that you should protect to your toes to the extent that you sacrifice your weekend trips to the beach. You can have both pretty toes and an active beach day by swiping a clear coat over the top of your colour following a dry off and a shower. Your polish will look shiny again - frolicking on the beach and all!

2. No need to blow a ton on salon pedicures. 

Top coat

At-home pedicures are perfect for getting your feet ready for summer.
Begin by immersing your feet in lukewarm water to soften the nails. Dig any dirt from the nails with an pedicure stick. Clip the nails straight across before you file. Be careful not to cut into the nail corners, and avoid clipping them extremely short. This can result in ingrown nails. Another point, never cut your cuticles! They keep germs away from your nails and skin.

Ensure you use a base coat when it comes to polish to avoid yellowing, and a top coat to make your pedi last days on end.

3. Bold Polish Colours

Pretty feet
Image courtesy of The Readers Digest

We know you're loving the pastel pink right now, but, seriously, there's really no point in putting it on your toenails. I mean, do you want your feet to look nail-less? Opt for a bright turquoise, burnt orange or grass green to have the hottest toes at the pool.

4. Foot Rub

Tennis Ball

Sure, those orange wedges look extra-cute with your new orange summer dress, but at the end of the day, if your feet had words they'd be saying "why do you hate us so much?!". Soothe sore feet simply by using a golf or a tennis ball. Sit on a bed or a chair and rub the ball all the way from your heel up to the toes, spending additional time massaging the very tense areas. Whilst rolling, take in deep breaths to help relax and oxygenate the muscles. Repeat on the other foot

5. Chill Out


Reduce foot swelling after a long, hot day filled with hikes, sidewalk sales, outdoor jogs and fun by soaking your feet in a tub of ice water for 15 minutes. Lastly, pat the feet dry with a towel.

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