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How To Be Productive Whilst Having A Lazy Day

How To Be Productive Whilst Having A Lazy Day

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Sometimes life gets a little too hectic and we find ourselves emotionally and physically flailing and in serious need of some time out. This usually means scheduling in a lazy day in order to recharge the batteries. Conversely, a dedicated lazy day can make you significantly more productive on the whole, as your mind and body are restored to optimum functionality.

First of all, it's worth reiterating the importance of allowing yourself the time to decompress properly. Your body is not a machine, and anyway even machines need maintenance and re-fuelling, so stop with the unreal expectations. For some, the idea of stepping out of busy-schedule-mode and switching off from the daily race can be perceived as a sign of weakness, or even seem scary as all they know is go, go, go. But these people are also headed for a burn-out; so make time for you and incorporate some of these ideas so as feel productive whilst relaxing.

Run yourself a bath. This simple act of self-care is one that often gets neglected with manic schedules to uphold. A lazy day is the perfect opportunity for a good old pamper sess. Get out the aromatherapy oils, the face pack and the hair-removal kit and have a long relaxing soak in a bath full of bubbles. Your body will be ever so grateful and I think you owe it one for all the hard work.

Read a book (or cosy up with a series). Switch-off from the outside world for a while and get some perspective with an inspiring narrative, whatever the medium. Giving our minds a break from thinking, which is what being immersed in a novel does, is akin to meditation which is the most powerful method of body/mind restoration there is.

Get some kitchen therapy. We are often in too much of a rush, or too tired to spend a lot of time preparing delicious home-cooked food. So this is the perfect activity for a lazy day. Keep a little book, or space on your phone, for recipe ideas that take your fancy; then don that apron (over comfys of course), stick on some audio delights and get in amongst your ingredients.

Plan something exciting. This could be your next trip away; such as a city break somewhere new, or organising an adventure activity you want to try. It could also be a plan for a business idea you have, or a book you are writing. Having things to look forward to and keeping ourselves creatively inspired is really important for staying happy and motivated.

Phone a friend. Take time to contact family and friends you may not have spoken to for a while. Time passes quickly and it's sometimes easy to lose contact with our loved ones. Lazy days are a perfect time to address this. You can call, text, Skype, or write letters till your heart's content and all from within the snugly cocoon of your duvet.

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