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How Much Is Too Much? The Risks And The Benefits Of Coffee Consumption

How Much Is Too Much? The Risks And The Benefits Of Coffee Consumption

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For many of us a mug of coffee in the morning is what gets us going; caffeine being a crucial part of the daily transformation from just-risen zombie state to semi-functional human being.

Coffee culture has become a cornerstone of society; cafes providing a desirable hub for social dates, quality time alone or getting a work project done.

According to the British Coffee Association, we Brits consume approximately 95 million cups of coffee a day, but how much do we really know about the stuff?

What is a safe amount to be consuming on a daily basis? And, what's the truth about whether or not it's actually good for our health?

We decided to take a look at some of the latest, most reliable information on coffee in order to get some facts straight (after a quick cuppa that is!)

Am I drinking too much?

As this infographic illustrates, one mug of instant coffee contains roughly 100 mg of caffeine. According to scientific information, moderate consumption of coffee (four to five cups or 400 mg caffeine) can contribute to a healthy balanced diet.

If you are drinking coffee that contains espressos; one shot has approximately 77 mg of caffeine, a double being 154 mg. Therefore, two large cafe bought coffees is probably enough, if you are to consume any additional caffeine throughout the day.

Too much caffeine can cause a number of health issues; including disrupted digestion, heightened anxiety and put your hormones out of whack. Being a diuretic, it can also dehydrate the body and dry out your complexion.

What are the health benefits?

Your cup of coffee is the end result of a lengthy process; from a small cherry like fruit all the way to the barista machine. Being a plant source, it contains a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals which are good for general health.

There are also studies linking moderate coffee consumption to more significant health attributes, such as preventing Alzheimers and protecting against fatty liver disease.

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