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How Clean Is it? Hidden Germs Affecting Your Complexion

How Clean Is it? Hidden Germs Affecting Your Complexion

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Germs are a part of life and we can sometimes do more damage in our bid to eliminate all of them, rather than just relaxing and trusting our body's incredible immune system. However, without becoming a 'germaphobe', it is worth knowing where hidden germs might be affecting your complexion.

If you're spending lots of money on skin care products and have addressed the lifestyle causes of a poor complexion; then maybe you need to become aware of some of the worst blemish causing offenders hiding in plain sight.

Makeup brushes and sponges

Makeup sponges and brushes can quickly become caked in a whole range of bacteria from dead skin cells and dirt from your own face, to the external grime that they are exposed to.

You then use these directly on your skin, sometimes on a daily basis. It is therefore, extremely important that makeup brushes and sponges are changed completely every 3 months or so, and washed thoroughly on a regular basis.


Bedding sometimes gets forgotten about for weeks on end, without much thought as to amount of bacteria and general filth that is building up.

The duvet and pillow cases come into direct contact with your face, for hours on end, so to prevent breakouts you need to shorten the time between changing the bedding to either weekly, or fortnightly, depending on how dirty it gets.

Also, having a shower before bed instead of in the morning, not only saves you time, but ensures that the bed stays fresher for longer!


How often do you dry your face off with the hand towel, or don't wash your towels for weeks on end. With busy lives and no obvious dirt (I mean you're clean when you come out of the shower) it's easy not to bother, until the smell becomes too much!

Well, truth is, your towels can harbour some of the most dangerous bacteria in the house, due to their (usually) close proximity to the toilet and the fact that they are damp and warm a lot of the time. By drying your face on a dirty towel you might as well rub toilet bacteria directly onto your face; not a nice thought, so make sure the towels are included in the regular wash load.

Mobile phone

Our beloved mobile phones could be doing more than just keeping us connected to the world of social; they may also be the breeding ground for approximately 7,000 different types of bacteria, 10 times more than the average toilet seat!

Time for a little disinfectant I reckon, and on regular intervals thereafter. This could mark the end of those irritating spots that appear on the cheeks and chin.

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