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HOT HOT HOT: Tips For Staying Cool as UK Heatwave Blazes On

HOT HOT HOT: Tips For Staying Cool as UK Heatwave Blazes On

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We are currently experiencing something quite unprecedented in the recent history of our country; it's summer and it's sunny. Not only sunny, it's scorching hot! Our lawns have been sacrificed in the heat and pasty limbs have born the pink tan lines that we fair Brits are famed for.

For weeks on end, the sun has beat down relentlessly on our now brown, crispy Isles. We are all completely saturated in vitamin D, our hair full of naturally bleached highlights and we're well and truly BBQ'd out. So, while we rejoice this blessed summer season, let us also discover all the ways that we can stay cool. 'Cos man it is HOT!

So, here we've done the leg work and researched some of the best, not completely obvious, tips for you keeping your cool in the face of the monster from Morocco.

1. Always reaching for the iced drinks? Try a mug of hot tea instead. Yes, this had us scratching our heads too, but having looked into the science behind it, we've discovered that there's some truth to this old wives tale. Let me explain. So, what you're doing when you drink a cold beverage is effectively lowering your body's core temperature, which your body being a work of incomprehensible genius, then works hard to restore back to normal. This process can leave you feeling even hotter than before. Therefore, if you consume a hot drink instead, your body works to cool you down and hey presto you feel less flustered.

2. Have some fruity freezer treats to hand. With it's high water content, fruit effectively becomes an ice-cube when left in the freezer. A tasty, healthy, icy snack is all you need for when you're overheating at your computer.

3. Wear loose fitting clothes made of natural fabrics, such as cotton and linen, which are breathable and light. Synthetic material in close contact with the skin will make you feel sweaty and uncomfortable.

4. Take a cold shower. Not only is this highly recommended for a whole array of health benefits (if you don't already know this take a read, you'll be surprised), it will also succeed in chilling you right out.

5. Invest in a fan. Have one in the bedroom, stick one on your desk at work, why not even wear one of those retro little fan caps. We're big fans of staying cool (see what I did there...)

6. We are all familiar with warming up our tootsies on a hot water bottle, so why not try the 'freezer bot'. A hot water bottle which has turned to ice will help keep you cool on sweltering summer nights.

7. This is a quick-fix that never fails. Ice, or cold running water, on the pulse points cools you down instantly.

8. Keep direct sunlight at bay, with blinds or curtains closed, when indoors. This makes a real difference to room temperature, while keeping the glare out of your eyes.

9. Stay super hydrated. This may be stating the obvious; but it's that important, it's worth repeating. Drinking lots of healthy fluids, i.e. caffeine/alcohol/sugar/fizz free, will keep your body functioning at it's very best. We are made up of around 50 to 60% water, so that should be enough to tell you that we need to regularly replenish the H20. Everything is better when optimum bodily hydration is achieved; your lymphatic system flows better, therefore detoxifying the body more successfully, your skin is dramatically improved, your eyes look brighter and clearer and you don't suffer headaches, fatigue and foul moods which can be a direct result of dehydration.

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