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Amber Rudd Resigns As Home Secretary

Amber Rudd Resigns As Home Secretary

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Amber Rudd
Amber Rudd has recently been criticised about the presence of Home Office removal targets and the knowledge she has of them. Image courtesy of the BBC.

Declaring that she "inadvertently misled" MPs over goals to remove illegal immigrants, Amber Rudd has now resigned as home secretary.

Facing refreshed criticisms following a declaration in which she said she didn't know about Home Office removal targets, pressure has been heaped upon Ms Rudd by the Windrush scandal. 

Theresa May, of whom was "very sorry" to see Ms Rudd go, is expected to be announcing her successor within hours.

Diane Abbott, the shadow home secretary, said that Ms Rudd had "done the right thing".

Further, Abbott added that the prime minister, the "architect of this crisis", must go before the Commons to explain "whether she knew that Amber Rudd was misleading Parliament and the public last week".

MPs were told last week by Ms Rudd that the Home Office did not have any aims for removing illegal immigrants, though the Guardian published a letter on Sunday wherein Rudd set out her "ambitious but deliverable" goal to deport 10% more illegal immigrants over the course of the "next few years" to Theresa May.

Following in the footsteps of Priti Patel, Damian Green and Sir Michael Fallon, Ms Rudd is the fourth person made to resign from the cabinet in the last six months.

Informing BBC Radio 4's Today that the spate of resignations of late were "unwanted noise" though there were always "ups and downs" in politics, Christ Grayling, Transport Secretary, denied that the government was in chaos.

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