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Highbrow: How To Achieve Beautiful Eyebrows That Perfectly Frame The Face

Highbrow: How To Achieve Beautiful Eyebrows That Perfectly Frame The Face

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The shape of your eyebrows can dramatically change the way your face looks. They effectively frame your features and will either enhance your natural beauty, or distract from it. In order to avoid the latter, attention must be paid to how you take care of these oft neglected facial arches.

Shaping up nicely

If you have been a little over zealous with hair removal in this area, instead of forcing yourself to maintain the wonky pencil line look, embrace your fear of unruly regrowth and let nature take its course. This is the only way you're ever going to achieve a new, more flattering shape. It may take several months before your eyebrows are back to how God intended, but perseverance is key here - the end result will be worth it.

Once you have a full set of eyebrows to work with, the best advice would be to book in for eyebrow threading where an expert will be able to shape your brows to suit your specific face type. Failing that, use a pair of professional tweezers to remove stray hairs from around the eyebrow, without altering the natural shape.

Do it somewhere that is well lit with natural light and use a clear mirror, but not a magnified one, as this could lead to a dreaded case of over-plucking. Remember fuller, more prominent brows help to slim down the features of the face and emphasise the eyes; so more is more here.


Nourish the hair of your eyebrows, along with the skin above the eyes with a rich and soothing serum. It's also worth gently stimulating the hair follicles with the tips of your fingers every now and again to encourage growth and remove any dead skin cells that collect under the hair.

Fullest effect

Thick set, darkened brows have been a big hit in the beauty world (think Cara Delevingne) for some time now. This is good news too, as once the base shape has been achieved through any necessary regrowth phases, then maintenance is low.

The trick is to find a method for deepening the colour of your brows for maximum emphasis, without it looking too severe. A brow pencil is one option, however this requires daily application, or you can use a semi-permanent dye for a longer lasting, wake-up-and-go effect.


To finish off the look, eyebrow gel can be applied to separate hairs for more definition and to set the brow in place. It's a quick step that has a big impact on the overall aesthetic of the face, especially if makeup is kept to a minimum.

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