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7 Things That All Siblings Understand

7 Things That All Siblings Understand

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Everyone that has siblings, whether it's just one older or younger brother or sister or a tribe, knows that it can be incredibly frustrating at times. At the end of the day though, you know that you wouldn't have it any other way. Whilst there are many irritating aspects, they are balanced out by the multiple perks. Since Sibling Day is almost here, we thought we'd write an amusing little list of some of the experiences that any brother and sister out there will most definitely get.

1. You're in competition 24/7.

Many would say that this resonates especially with someone that has multiple brothers - Who can get the most basketball shots? Run the fastest? Eat the most hot dogs? But having multiple sisters is also competitive, perhaps even more so, when you feel that there's competition in terms of style, as well as athleticism and intellectual achievement.

2. You never run out of clothes.

Perhaps this isn't the case for you older siblings that had to hand down the clothes you outgrew, a sister among brothers or vice versa, though, for the middle and younger siblings out there, it's likely that you found yourself spoilt for choice.

3. You have to share everything.

Whether it's your dresses, books, toys or stationary, you had to/ or have to share everything that you possess with your brothers and sisters, unless you hid/hide things of course.

4. Unconditional support.

As the saying goes, while siblings come and go, your family are there to stay - and will be at your side come rain or shine.

5. Car trips are always amusing.

Whether it's talking or playing games, it's not possible to run out of things to do - even if the trip goes on for hours.

6. Teachers judged you based on what your sisters did.

Even you're a straight-A student, Mrs. Teacher will never take you seriously because your sister was a bit of a rebel.

7. Getting ready in the morning was a challenge.

You're probably a sibling if one of your memories from getting ready for school was knocking on the bathroom door and yelling at your brother or sister to hurry up!

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