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Hello Glow: Revitalise Lacklustre Winter Skin With These Top Tips
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Hello Glow: Revitalise Lacklustre Winter Skin With These Top Tips

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Not only does our mood and wellbeing take a battering during the darker, colder months of winter; but our skin too can suffer. A dry, dull complexion is associated with the 'January look', but it doesn't have to be.

Follow these top tips to get your glow on in 2019.


Exfoliation is a major factor in revealing younger more radiant skin. The outer most layer of your face is in fact made up of dead skin cells, which is perfectly natural; however when they build up and collect in facial crevices, skintone can appear drab and uneven.

There are two methods for removing the build up of dead skin cells; mechanical and chemical. 'Mechanical' refers to physical methods of buffing up the skin to reveal the newer skin cells underneath using tools, or exfoliating facial cleansers.

'Chemical' refers to applying certain acids onto the skin, which serve to dissolve the glue-like bonds holding dead skin cells on the surface of the face.


A healthy complexion relies on the effective removal of toxins, which is carried out by the lymphatic drainage system in the face. This process can be activated in the case of it being sluggish through massage. Massaging the face also helps to release tension from muscles, which helps to reduce signs of aging and stimulate blood flow and cell renewal. All this and you can do it to yourself for free. Watch this short tutorial for tips on technique.


H2O for the glow. Hydrate from the inside out by sipping all day long on healthy fluids. Water is the obvious one and nothing beats regular doses of freshly drawn water that is free from harsh chemicals and plastic residue; however, there are other means to staying hydrated. Herbal teas, for example, are a fantastic choice for winter when we are less thirsty but savour the warmth and comfort of a hot cup of tea.

Sugar free

Not only are we beginning to realise the true extent of the toxic effect that sugar has on our health and mood, research also confirms that sweet tasting food is ruining our looks too. In scientific terms: "Ingestion of sugar, in particular, can accelerate these signs of aging, as it promotes cross-linking of collagen fibers." Is it time you reduced your sugar intake?


Not only is there the very obvious glow that appears after raising our heart rate and getting the blood pumping; regular exercise also has a longer lasting effect on the complexion. It helps to retain the skin's youthfulness, as nutrients and oxygen are pumped to the surface and the lymphatic drainage system is kicked into action.

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