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Hate Crime Against Trans People In 2017

Hate Crime Against Trans People In 2017

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According to the Independent, over a third of transgender people in the UK have been victims of hate crime over the past year, according to recent studies.

Even so, a substantial quantity of campaigners have suggested that the information gathered for these statistics could be merely the "tip of the iceberg" with many of the victims feeling unable to share their experiences with authorities.

Stonewall, the LGBT charity is now soliciting a lengthy address of hate crime legislation remarking that it is insufficient in working on trans and alternative LGBT problems.

This charity brings to the public's attention that two in five (41 per cent) of the trans community have been subject to a hate crime due to their gender identity over the last 12 months. This figure escalates to 53 percent for those between the ages of 18 and 24. 

A major problem however, is the way that four in five (79 percent) of trans people do not report their crimes due to their fear of prospective further discrimination and abuse or lack of sympathy.

The leading trans activist, Charlie Craggs, Nail Transphobia group founder, told the Independent that she'd "lost count" of the amount of occasions that her trans peers had been subject to hate crimes and yet, felt inhibited to report it.

She said, "There's no much faith in the police within our community [...] They have a history of transphobia and having to go to a police station and be misgendered, judged or treated like you brought this on yourself is the last thing you feel like doing. It's not like much is going to happen to the person who did attack you, anyway."

With a history of being verbally, physically and sexually assaulted in the street, Ms Craggs condemned right wing media for the shocking amount of hate crimes enacted on those that identify as transgender.

“The press has blood on their hands,” remarked Craggs. “Every week there’s a new front page headline telling people to hate us and be scared of us. These journalists and editors are literally making people hate us, and then there's this big shock when hate crime goes up against us. Do the maths."

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