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Hand Painted Mugs: The More The Merrier

Hand Painted Mugs: The More The Merrier

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Is there anything more comforting than cradling a steaming mug of your favourite tea? The mugs you own, therefore, should reflect your passion for the perfect cuppa.

Feast your eyes on this beautiful selection of hand painted pieces;

Denby Hand Painted Mug, Ceramic, Brown Stripe

This just feels so rustic in a really artsy, down-to-earth way. Simple, good design; just what's needed for the perfect brew.

Bloomingville Mugs hand-painted

The subtle design on these gorgeous mugs is offset beautifully by the striking orange rim. The absence of a handle is also an interesting feature here, changing the dynamic a little when it comes to serving people tea.

Bunzlau Castle Farmer Mug, Lace

The shape of this mug is really quite delightful; one can almost imagine an organic, herbal concoction brewing away in there.

City to Cottage Lime Green and White Hand Painted

Don't you want to just grab this out the page and wrap your hands around it's smooth, chunky curves. Love the size, robustness and polka-dot paintwork on this sexy mug.

Voyage Maison Watercolour Hand Painted Mugs

This gorgeous illustration of the noble stag has been painstakingly painted on by hand. A one of a kind piece of artwork, that doubles as a mug.

Nicola Spring Patterned Vintage Style Mugs Box Of 6

Why have just one mug when you can have six! These are just so pretty as well, it would be hard to resist buying the whole set.

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