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Greatest Flash-Mobs Of All Time

Greatest Flash-Mobs Of All Time

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Flash mobs. Not only is the sheer magnitude of them magnetic, creating a spectacular scene to watch, but the growing sense of excitement, in the flocking public, that they make . Breaking up the repetitiveness of daily life by a beautiful act of spontaneity. Here are a few of our favourite flash mob videos that, we believe, are the best ones out there:

1. "Marry you" Wedding Proposal Flash mob

Set amongst the hustle bustle of Downtown Disney, Bruno Mars' "Marry You" plays clearly from a pair of outdoor speakers. Beautifully staged, the Flash mob begins with a couple of dancers before the rest of the mob steadily filter in. The part of the performance which is by far the most heartwarming is when the future groom (to the amazement of his girlfriend) runs into the centre of the mob to join in for the final chorus. Digging for the ring in his pocket, in the style of all bittersweet proposals, he walks up to his beloved and gets down on one knee. I won't spoil the rest.

2. Antwerp Train station Flash mob

Set in Antwerp Train Station, Belgium, this flash mob video begins by very amusingly zooming in on the faces of people looking around in confusion as the beginning of The Sound of Music's "do re mi" plays on speaker phone. Most mesmerising about this one is how synchronised it is. Out every flash mob I've ever seen, the one in Antwerp is by far the largest. Ticking all three boxes that make up a spectacular flash mob: magnitude, quality and entertainment, we're not surprised it has racked up the greatest amount of views of all the flash mob video's (34 million!).

3. Michael Jackson Flash mob Tribute  

Think Street Dance and Street Dance 2 as that's the kind of dynamic, energy-packed dance you can expect to see in this flash mob. Although this performance ranks second in terms of views in our list of favourite spontaneous dance stunts (18 million), we definitely agree that the dance quality, exceeds that in the others by a mile. If you're anything like me and possess a great appreciation for advanced dance technique, then watching this video will truly be 6 minutes of your time well spent.

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